Introducing Collect from Slyde™. A new tool for music artists, labels, and rights holders to monetize unauthorized music downloads.

Monetize unauthorized music downloads

Slyde™ Collect gives artists, labels, streaming services, and other rights holders to ability to recover revenue from pirated music downloads that have been installed to devices via unauthorized web users, or ripped from approved sites and applications. Our software is already installed on over 5 Million mobile devices via developer partnerships, and automatically scans devices for content in our database. With Collect, you can:

  • Add your music catalogue to our database to check against certificates from authorized sellers and streaming services.

  • Recover download or streaming revenue via ads served to devices containing unauthorized music.

  • Encourage device users to purchase music from authorized sellers, or sign up for a preferred streaming service.

About Slyde™

Slyde is a music technology company building sustainable solutions for artists and the entire music industry. We are creating an ecosystem of apps that connect music artists and labels with brand marketers, media, and industry providers. Slyde’s goal is to help grow healthy businesses for all kinds of artists and the entire industry, while shaping amazing new promotional experiences for music fans.